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     I wrote my first collection of short stories when I was eight years old. Since then, I have filled over fifty journals, written short story and poetry collections, newspaper and magazine articles, blogs and website content. I have a passion and respect for the written word, and the power that it can wield. I find my greatest joy in facilitating others to write, to find their voice and to share their unique expression. I have supported elders in the publishing of their memoirs and others in their fiction and nonfiction offerings to the world. Whether it be simple proof-reading and polishing, or helping to midwife a novel or book project, I would be honored to support you with my skills.


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    I am privileged to be based in the exquisite Coast Salish Territory, in what is now known as Victoria, BC, Canada. This unceded territory belongs to the Lək̓ʷəŋən speaking people of the Esquimalt and Songhees First Nations. I appreciate and acknowledge those that have stewarded this land before me and those that continue to work diligently to uphold those sacred traditions. 
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    Customized to your needs 

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    Proofreading/Copy Editing:

    The writing is complete but needs a final check for simple copy editing errors such as: spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar.


    Structural Editing:

    The writing is complete but needs support in clarifying meaning, verb-tense agreement, word choice or rewriting awkward sentence structure, etc. Areas will be highlighted and changes can be made directly in the text or suggestions written on the side.


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    Writing & Translation:

    This category includes writing, advanced editing, French to English translation, writing content for websites, transcribing, blog writing and ghost writing articles, books, etc. This entails understanding and often researching content. This would also require working closely with the client to ensure meaning, voice and tone are in alignment with client’s needs.


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    Graphic Support, Website Design & Photography:

    Using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, I offer a wide variety of graphic services, including website design and desktop publishing of projects. I have a large selection of personal photographic images that can be used for your website, graphic or writing projects. Please see my other website.

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    Feel free to contact me with your questions or a sample of your work. I’ll provide a free estimate and we can discuss your specific needs. Special rates for large manuscripts or ongoing work. I am happy to discuss your particular situation and find a way to ensure everyone’s needs are met and we create a beautiful working relationship.

  • Bio

    Heidi has been a teacher, writing coach and editor for over twenty-five years, supporting students and clients to conceptualize, write and bring their projects to completion. From non-fiction to memoir writing with elders, from fiction writing with clients to hero's journey adventures with youth, Heidi has a wide repertoire of writing prompts and activities to engage and guide people in the writing process. Decades of experience facilitating workshops and teaching writing to mixed aged groups gives Heidi the unique skill to attend to each person's needs while serving the whole.


    Heidi’s greatest passion is in working one-on-one with people as well as hosting groups where she can create a safe container that generates trust and the freedom to express oneself authentically.


    As one writing participant recently reflected, “Heidi, you’re the most supportive and encouraging teacher I’ve ever known. You give me permission to explore all the places I’ve been too critical or afraid to go on my own...”

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    • Professional Editing Services
    • Writing Coach


    • Website Writing/Design/Maintenance
    • Structural Editing/Blog: Alan Brisley, The New Old Way
    • Writing/Structural Editing: Lima Ulu LLC Farms, Hawaii
    • Writing/Book Editing: Jacob Lieberman, MD, Author
    • Book Editing & Formatting (ebooks): Marksland Entertainment
    • Promotional Writing (articles, blogs, brochures), Educational Outreach, Media Support, Web Copy, Design & Maintenance: Locals for Local Change, Living Aloha MagazineSHAKA Movement
    • Private High School Teaching: Creative Writing, LA, History & French Language


    Ke Kula ‘Ike no ke Kaiaulu, USA

    (The School of Vision/Knowledge for the Community)

    Executive Director/Head Teacher



    Barat Foundation, Summer in Provence, France

    Program Consultant/Writing & French Teacher

    Facilitator for Dance, Yoga and Expressive Arts



    Hana School/Kukulu Kumuhana, USA

    Writing Consultant/Program Facilitator/Writing Teacher



    Kipahulu Community School, USA

    Creative Writing Teacher



    Writing Consultant/French Translator

    Switzerland & USA (English/French)



    High Media Incorporated - Writing & Translating

    Switzerland & USA

    Foreign Language and Translation Consultant (English/French)



    University California Santa Cruz/Psych Board

    Head Course Assistant - Psychology & Religion Class

    Created, developed and taught ‘Creative Writing’ Section

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    Education & Training



    Bachelor of Arts in Literature/Writing

    University California Santa Cruz, USA


    Post-graduate courses in Writing, Psychology, Child Development and Philosophy, USA

    University California Santa Cruz and UCSC Extension


    U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society & Self

    (MIT) Massachusetts Institute of Technology


    French Language

    Université de Lausanne, Switzerland


    Montessori Teaching Credential

    North American Progressive Montessori Teacher Training Program, Canada



    • Soul of Education
    • Non-Violent Communication (NVC)
    • Waldorf Teacher Training Courses
    • Dharma Leadership Program: Dharmata Foundation
    • ULab and Theory U: MIT
  • Testimonials

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    Jacob Liberman

    Dr. Jacob Liberman - jacobliberman.org

    I had the opportunity to work with Heidi Erhardt on my last book and found her writing and editorial skills to be exceptional. She really helped me distill the book's central message and navigate its journey to completion. If you have the opportunity to work with her, it will be a rewarding experience.


    Dr. Jacob Liberman

    Author of: Light: Medicine of the Future, Take Off Your Glasses and See and Wisdom From an Empty Mind

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    Marion Ansaldi

    Marion Ansaldi - @MazWritesBook

    Heidi is working with me on my first book, my dream that is so dear to my heart. And she does way more than just editing. She is guiding me to find my true self through writing. She is giving me the right amount of pressure, making sure the process stays healthy and inspiring for me to move on.


    I feel trust and respect and free to share what is present with Heidi, because I know she will hear me.

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    Gary Marks

    Gary Marks, Marksland Entertainment - garymarksmusic.com

    Heidi Erhardt is not just a very good professional editor. She puts her heart into her work. She is insightful, kind, encouraging, and gently questioning or critical when necessary. The best thing about working with Heidi on various projects over the years is that I always know ahead of time my work will be better when the process is complete. I recommend her services without hesitation.


    Gary Marks

    Author of: The Dance and the Diamond Sky, Somewhere Beautiful, Orbiting Chaos, Rain Dreams, Journey Through the Riotous Dark, Super Star, iDream, Wow, Living on a Bubble, (T)here, Timshel's Choice and The Fall of Eros

    Fran Steinberg

    "My courageous editor, my dear friend and mentor, Heidi Elana Erhardt. How can I ever thank you for accepting me, when you already had more clients than hours in a day?! Your talent and critical guidance eventually showed me how unraveling a story is its own joy. By coaching, by developing and by striving for me, you changed me for the better. Heidi, you are so good at hearing the unspoken, unwritten doubts and frustrations I had. Your editing lengthened my vision of what was indeed possible, if only I tried harder. Although you are my editor, you’ve become so much more to me. You are a dear friend I will always be privileged to have in the years ahead."


    -excerpt from Dedication Page


    Fran Steinberg

    Author of: Blood on the Torii Gate and Love You Holy, Wild Child

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    In December of 2016, Victoria, BC Canada, Heidi Erhardt, paulo da costa, and Nowick Gray presented an evening of poetic essays, music and photographic reflections on home, our connection to place and to community in the natural world. Each steeped in communion with natural places (Maui, rural Portugal, BC interior rainforest), we shared stories of listening and tending to the earth, wildlife, and honoring elders in a living culture. Fabrizio Alberico offered music with his handcrafted guitar and banjo.

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    I am privileged to be based in the exquisite Coast Salish Territory, in what is now known as Victoria, BC, Canada. This unceded territory belongs to the Lək̓ʷəŋən speaking people of the Esquimalt and Songhees First Nations. I appreciate and acknowledge those that have stewarded this land before me and those that continue to work diligently to uphold those sacred traditions.